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Western Kansas Careers Showcases

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Growing our Own - Project Overview


Encourage graduates to have a a career they are passionate about through exploration of Southwest Kansas career opportunities


Create partnerships with young adults and local organizations to explore careers, build connections, and encourage young adults to remain in Southwest Kansas


During showcases, students will learn more about themselves, research local options, engage with local businesses, and create strategic plans to reach their professional goals.

1.  Build trusting relationships with schools, students, businesses, and communities

2.  Encourage young people to remain in our rural area or facilitate their return to Southwest Kansas

3.  Develop a workforce responsive to the needs of rural area industries

4.  Collaborate with rural area business/industry and professional educators to provide support and interaction via job shadowing, internships, and 


5.  Teach and expect leadership, teamwork, accountability, and essential skills at our showcases

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